2331 Sqn support Pidley Bears community event

Cadet Flight Sergeant Matt Morris

In a previous edition of Eagleye I wrote an article telling you all about a fundraising adventure I was about to endure along with 75 other crazy WRAFs & Ex WRAFs. 

On Saturday the 9th of September 2017, our cadets attended the annual Pidley Bears event to lend a hand in car parking, stall management and more. The event is run by Pidley Mountain Rescue Team, who raise money to provide equipment for people with disability or mobility issues to enhance their quality of life.

The event consists of several stalls run by local organisations, but the main event is where ten bears jump out of an aircraft and aim to land as close to the target in the middle of a field as possible. Each bear is sponsored by a local organisation. Once they have landed, the distance is measured by the cadets and relayed to the staff running the event. The Brownies then come on with a stretcher to rescue the bear and take it to safety.

One of the cadet’s roles is to be “Pidley Ted” for the day – put on the costume of Pidley Ted and wear it around the event to interact with people of all ages. The cadets performed this role as well as all of the other jobs admirably and with enthusiasm.

Sergeant Matt Harding said “I always look forward to helping out at Pidley Bears; we enjoy a fun day out while helping a very worthwhile charity raise money for the people who need it in
our community”.