Boxing Night

The evening was filled with excitement, tension and nervousness as the Station Boxing club took centre stage at the annual Boxing show.

After weeks of training and preparation it was now time for the Boxers to step into the ring and showcase their talents. With eight competitive bouts scheduled, the crowds were ready for a memorable night of Boxing. With the Station Boxers including, SSgt Wilson, Spr Cooper and SAC Jenkins, the lights dimmed and with the crowd in desperate anticipation, the boxers stepped into the ring to do battle.
First up was Spr Cooper, matched against SAC Bailey from RAF Wittering. Both boxers were looking for their first victory in the boxing ring, as the first bell echoed; the boxers looked to start the bout in a tactical manner. As the rounds progressed it was clear that Spr Cooper, with his aggressive manner and higher level of fitness was starting to gain the upper hand, this saw SAC Bailey demonstrate some quick thinking combinations to keep the bout alive. As the final bell sounded, both boxers congratulated each other on a hard fought bout, a great demonstration of sportsmanship as Spr Cooper was announced as the winner.

Next up from Wyton was SSgt Wilson, set for an exciting clash against SAC Foreman from RAF Brize Norton. With both boxers winning one of their previous two bouts, it made for an exciting spectacle. In the early stages SAC Foreman held the centre of the ring making use of his height and reach advantage, with SSgt Wilson moving, slipping shots and waiting for opportunity to catch him with some powerful counter punches. All 3 rounds were a tale of two boxers who refused to let the other gain any significant advantage with SSgt Wilson firing the heavier, hurtful shots but somehow appeared to be missing his aggressive manner, choosing to box on the back foot. This allowed SAC Foreman the opportunity to show the greater work rate when moving forward. As the final bell rang, both boxers had represented their respective Service with great determination, heart and tremendous courage, with Foreman edging the victory via a split decision.
Last up from Wyton was SAC Jenkins, matched against SAC Bailey from RAF Northolt. Both boxers have long standing reputations of being blessed with admirable boxing ability. As the first round exploded in to action SAC Jenkins required his speed and quick thinking to keep the aggressive SAC Bailey at a safe distance. Deep into the first round SAC Jenkins knocked SAC Bailey to his knees with a devastating left hook. As the fight progressed both boxers fought a competitive bout as both tried relentlessly to gain the upper hand. Despite a late onslaught from SAC Bailey, the crowd applauded as SAC Jenkins was announced as the winner, also winning the Best
Boxer award.

Other results are as follows.
SAC Jones (34 Sqn RAF Regt) beat SAC Robinson (II Sqn RAF Regt)Keiron Cocker (Peterborough Police Boxing Club) beat SAC Hubbard (MOD
Hedley Court)
Lois Arnett (Vulcan ABC) beat Flt Lt Turner (RAF Leeming)
SAC Singleton (RAF Coningsby) beat SAC Chodjeu (RAF Leeming)
SAC Campbell (Queens Colour Sqn) beat Cpl Macklin (RAF Wittering).
As ever, such events take months of planning and endless preparation, the evening was a success due the hard work and dedication of Station personnel, demonstrating a firm team ethos throughout and an ability to get the
task completed.
As my tenure at RAF Wyton comes to a close it has been an honour to fly the flag for the Boxing contingent over the past 3 years. Over this period the proudest moment I have is taking a boxing team from Wyton to the RAF Lord Wakefields Boxing Championships 2016. This event saw Cpl Kate Hilton win the Class C 60kg Championships as well as Wyton winning the junior station cup. Moreover, with the amalgamation between all three services, in order to keep the sport of Boxing alive at RAF Wyton is something I am extremely proud to be a part of and hope it will continue in the future.
Cpl Pete Little