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RAF Wyton Gymathon

PO Alex Cave On 22 August a 6 hour ‘Gymathon’ was held at RAF Wyton. This involved back to back half hour classes with an hour circuits in the middle, it was open to anyone to do as much or […]

The Pathfinder Flying Club Hosts Its Second Fly-In

Saturday 22 July dawned bright and sunny and saw members of the Pathfinder Flying Club putting into place the final arrangements to host its second fly-In. Despite the weather forecast showing a deterioration later in the day, there was some […]

Raising Funds for RAFA – The OMG HAIG Ride 2017

On 18 Jul 17, the Station Commander and representatives of the Pathfinders Motorcycle Club (PMCC) welcomed The OMG Haig Ride 2017 to RAF Wyton.  Miss Carolyn Hayward The ride was being carried out by Stuart Morrisey an ex-RAF Chef who […]

RAF Wyton Families Day

The words of my Phase 1 Training FS saying “never volunteer”, were echoing in my ears after the first planning meeting for the Families Day; what had I taken on? Flt Lt Dave Smith I volunteered on a whim as I […]

75th Anniversary of the Formation of the Pathfinder Force and Pathfinder Veterans Weekend

Over the weekend of 11 to 13 August, RAF Wyton was again honoured to host many of the surviving veterans of Number 8 Group (Pathfinder) Royal Air Force and their families and friends. The Pathfinder Force came into existence on […]

Warrior Games

Opening Ceremony with the Games Torch. Sgt Pete Lauder Warrior Games, what is the Warrior Games? This is the question I was asking work colleagues and myself after receiving an email from Help for Heroes (H4H) asking if I wanted […]

Force Development Visit to Imperial War Museum London

On 28 Mar 17, as part of the on-going training programme introduced by the Station Training and Development Flight, 9 personnel from RAF Wyton visited the Imperial War Museum in London. On 28 Mar 17, as part of the on-going […]

RAF Skeleton: Are you Mad?

This is often a question I get asked when talking about competing at Skeleton, and the answer is probably, ‘Yes, a little.’ Especially when you are explaining that you slide down the ice head-first, with your head three inches off […]

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