The transformation of RAF Wyton, and the managed drawdown of Brampton Camp, are both in their final stages. I think it’s fair to say that the transition of operations and support services has been very successful, but those involved at the ‘coalface’ will know how much of this achievement is owed to the commitment, flexibility, cooperation, humour  and sheer hard work of all the people involved.  

Invariably, military measures of success focus on minimising disruption to operations, and the credit for achievement is attributed to those at the operational spearhead. But when the going’s good, and the high fives are being doled out, it’s all too easy to overlook the vital role played by the support staff.

Here at RAF Wyton, the majority of our support services are contracted out to our embedded industry partners.  Between them, Babcock, Aramark, Babcock Dyncorp and OCS deliver our supply, transport, catering, cleaning, workshops, graphics, estates management, grounds maintenance services and many others besides.  Their contribution has been integral to the successful transition of our operations: several tons of equipment has been transported around the ring road; cleaning services were brought forward to enable early occupation of the new SLAM block, so that accommodation moves could parallel  the transfer of operations in to the Pathfinder Building; catering services at RAF Brampton were maintained right up until the last operators moved out of DGIFC; the roads to JARIC and Pathfinder Buildings were prioritised for snow and ice clearance; and Mess and accommodation staff have worked wonders in allocating rooms and getting everybody fed while construction continues on all three of our Messes.

RAF Wyton enjoys an excellent relationship with its industry partners, and benefits from their full and active participation in our operational, community and charitable activities.  In a ‘whole force’ comprising the triad of Armed Forces, Civil Service and Industry Partners, the enthusiastic and generous support that our contractors have given to high profile projects like the Heritage Centre, the Memorial Garden and the Canberra refurbishment underscores their commitment to all aspects of station life.   The ‘Loggies’ rarely attract the plaudits they deserve when things go well; and are often the unfair targets of the finger of blame in hard times.  I would therefore like to dedicate this foreword to the unsung heroes of our team, and offer them some solace in recalling that their valuable contributions have always been hugely appreciated, if occasionally misunderstood:

“I don’t know what the hell this ‘logistics’ is that Marshall is always talking about, but I want some of it.” – Admiral E. J. King