Honours and Awards

Two Honours and Awards ceremonies have been held at Wyton since Eagleye last went to print with Long Service and Good Conduct Medals, Operational Service Medals Afghanistan, the Imperial Service Medal and Chief of Defence Intelligence Commendations being presented in April by Comd JFIG, Brig Nick Davies and in May by CDI, Vice Admiral Alan Richards.

With so many awards having been presented, in this issue we focus on Bryony Jaques, JFIG and Wyton’s Safety Health Environment and Sustainable Development Officer (SHEA). ‘Elf and Safety’ as it is often referred to can be the butt of many jokes or used as an excuse. The reality of course is far from true and CDI has recognised the work of the Wyton SHE with a special Commendation.

With a citation highlighting Bryony’s proactive, consultative and flexible approach which has won her respect and support throughout the Group and Unit, her ability to convert strategy and policy into practical activities and her enthusiasm and leadership motivating staff at all levels Bryony has established a robust and informative presence on IT networks, creating a comprehensive online portal which has raised awareness and enabled access to essential Health and Safety for all. She has created a H&S policy and management plan for JFIG units at home and overseas, understanding their role and how they carry out their work.

Day to day Bryony, along with her small team, is responsible for a huge range of H&S matters from office and site safety (including for lodger units and a multitude of clubs) and Unit events such as Fun Day and Bonfire Night. Bryony and her team also ensure when we go off Station for occasions such as the annual Pathfinder March, last year’s Freedom of Huntingdonshire Parade or the annual Summer Breeze around Grafham Water that all the necessary checks are made.

Bryony commented: “We know we are successful when people don’t notice what we have done. If everyone can go home in the same condition they arrived at work, I have had a good day.

“I am especially proud when we are able to put measures in place which will enable people with a disability to continue working. It often doesn’t take much to solve a problem – such as the provision of a ‘fire pager’ for a member of staff who was unable to hear the fire alarm – but makes the world of difference to the individual concerned. Complex needs are obviously challenging but there is almost always a solution and MOD have been brilliant in providing funding for the day to day issues I face.”

Bryony first joined Wyton in 2002 in a Works Services post, transferring to SHE in 2009 and taking on the JFIG role when the Station transferred to Joint Forces Command. The team’s emphasis is on how can issues be managed and achieved rather than the comedy stereotype of “No, can’t do that – Health and Safety” and will challenge anyone, anywhere who tries to fall back on that idea.

Recent initiatives driven by the section include the DI Silver Cloud trial of online health and wellbeing solutions and they are keen to emphasise the importance of such projects.

To find out more about the work the section does contact one of the team on the numbers below.

Bryony Jaques ext 6536
Claire Hurd 7471
Sue Hands 7611

On a final and entirely different note – they would like it known that they are avid and very regular cake eaters. Wg Cdr Fashade will testify that if you are invited to one of their meetings you are sure to go away full!