Full Operating Capability

Joint Forces Intelligence Group Achieves Full Operating Capability

On 17th September 2014 HRH The Duke of Gloucester formally declared that JFIG had achieved Full Operating Capability (FOC).

HRH The Duke of Gloucester was guest of honour at a ceremony at RAF Wyton to mark JFIG’s achievement of FOC, the Group having completed its programme of restructuring. The ceremony also marked the completion of the PRIDE (Wyton) programme.

The ceremony was held in front of Pathfinder Building, headquarters to JFIG and home to DIFC. A parade by Wyton-based JFIG personnel was supported by the Wyton Area Voluntary Band. His Royal Highness  inspected the parade.

In his introduction to the ceremony, CDI, Vice Adm Alan Richards underlined the importance of JFIG and the Pathfinder Facility to Defence, both nationally and internationally. His Royal Highness was then invited to unveil the new Pathfinder Building sign, complete with an engraving acknowledging HRH The Duke of Gloucester’s declaration of FOC.

In his address to HRH The Duke of Gloucester and those attending the ceremony, Vice Adm Richards said: “Having embarked on a particularly special, challenging and exciting project, JFIG has achieved Full Operating  Capability through a combination of great vision and sheer hard work.”

“The premier facilities that JFIG now operates from are admired and valued by a number of national agencies and partners. Our thanks must go out to all within JFIG and at Wyton who have made this work.”

After unveiling the new Pathfinder Building sign, HRH The Duke of Gloucester said: “It gives me great pleasure to join you in your day of celebration to mark the achievement of Full Operating Capability.”

“It provides you with an opportunity to look back to where you came from; the early days of photographic reconnaissance and Defence Intelligence, and its journey through events in WWI and WWII to its development today.”

“We live in an uncertain world and it must give you great reassurance to see this new facility, one which will allow you to be better informed. Those who come to work here in the future will be very grateful for all your efforts.”

Brig Nick Davies, Comd JFIG, has overseen the restructuring of JFIG over the past three years. Writing ahead of the ceremony, he said: “17 September 2014 marks the completion of the PRIDE (Wyton) Programme, the restructuring of Joint Forces Intelligence Group and our achievement of Full operating Capability.”

“The PRIDE (Wyton) Programme was a £308m project to relocate JFIG Command elements, geospatial intelligence, human intelligence and 42 Engineer Regiment from Brampton, Feltham and Hermitage to new purpose-built facilities at Wyton.”

“Within the new Pathfinder Building at Wyton, the Joint Intelligence Operations Centre coordinates intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance for Defence, while the Defence Intelligence Fusion Centre brings together geospatial intelligence for the nation and intelligence fusion for Defence.”

“Wyton is developing as a geospatial and intelligence hub, collocating elements of Defence Intelligence, Service intelligence organisations, agencies and allies.”

“Although we have made significant progress already, none of our achievements would have been possible without the commitment, long hours and hard work of all our personnel. We have grown closer to the rest of Defence Intelligence, the single Services and our ‘5-Eyes’ partners. We have also enjoyed excellent support from industry.”

“However, I would characterise Full Operating Capability as the ‘end of the beginning’ of JFIG’s development. Over the coming years we will continue to evolve and move forward. We must be ambitious, not at the expense of other organisations but to drive continuous improvement, constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve as a key part of Defence.”