RAF Wyton Gymathon

PO Alex Cave

On 22 August a 6 hour ‘Gymathon’ was held at RAF Wyton.

This involved back to back half hour classes with an hour circuits in the middle, it was open to anyone to do as much or as little as they wanted. The classes were varied ranging from Combat, Spin, Pump and yoga. There was approximately 15-20 per class with yoga being the most popular with approximately 30 participants.

There were 5 people who completed the full 6 hours and one person who completed 5 hours.

The Gymathon was organised by PO Alex Cave from JIOC in order to raise awareness of the variety of the classes that the gym offer and also as a challenge to raise funds for her Gofundme page https://www.gofundme.com/richards-new-leg.

Richard (Richie) is Alex’s brother, who served 23 years in the British Army.

Richie sustained an injury whilst in service and was after a period of time medically discharged, this injury meant that Richie couldn’t walk without the use of a stick and has severe instability in the foot.

A private medical facility in Birmingham have designed a foot brace FS3000 to prevent the instability in a condition called Foot drop, which is is not available on the NHS.

With the desire to be able to walk unaided and perhaps return to being able to do fitness Richie bought the brace at a personal cost of £1,400.  Richie also suffers severe PTSD and is receiving help from Combat stress however combined with his leg injury is at present unable to work, so cannot afford the cost of the brace.

Alex set up the Gofundme page to raise funds for the brace and as the title suggests the brace is really like giving him a new leg. Richie when wearing the brace can walk unaided and for longer periods of time. The Gymathon raised £176 in total with 10% of the funds raised being donated to Station charities as a thank you to the station for allowing the event to take place.

Alex would like to thank all that took part in the event for their support especially the 6 that did the full 6 hours with her. Also thanks go to the Station Commander, JIOC and to Carole Johnson (Head of Sports Services) and her team for all their support and the great classes that were put on.