Sports Roundup CO’s Cup

The latest CO’s cup was on the 11 May 18, it was arguably one of the hardest competition in recent times.

The look on people’s faces when arriving at St. Georges Barracks (MOD North Luffenham) was that of despair and excitement. For some it was the first time they had experienced an assault course and hopefully won’t be the last. The weather was perfect for an afternoon of sweaty, lung busting activity.  Some of the obstacles included a very high cargo net, monkey bars, Burmese bridge, the dreaded 12ft wall and plenty of leopard crawls.

The teams involved were 16 Sqn (42 Engr Regt), Station Headquarters (SHQ) and a tri service station team.

The competition consisted of two phases:

Phase 1: 1600m run followed by 1 lap of the assault course.

Phase 2: 1 lap carrying medicine balls (8kg and 10kg) and 1 lap without weights.

After a thorough warm up from the PTI’s the competitors were ready for action. 16 Sqn went off like the 800m Final at the Olympics and were soon running into their first lap of the course. The station team set off at a more controlled pace conserving their energy for later in the course. Soon after SHQ began their first lap of the course with grit and determination.

After a well-deserved recovery all teams saddled up for round 2 and the thought of yet more leopard crawls. 16 Sqn again went off like they were chasing the last bus home and set an impressive time. Closely followed by the station team and SHQ. Soon after the med balls stopped flying around like a game of asteroids all the teams finished their final laps with relief.

Overall winner of the event was 16 Sqn with a combined time of 21.36, 2nd place was SHQ with a combined time of 28.63 and in 3rd position with a combined time of 34.55 was the station team.

Well done to all that took part!