The Pathfinder Flying Club Hosts Its Second Fly-In

Saturday 22 July dawned bright and sunny and saw members of the Pathfinder Flying Club putting into place the final arrangements to host its second fly-In.

Despite the weather forecast showing a deterioration later in the day, there was some optimism that there would not be a repeat of the previous year’s fly-In where the weather prevented the arrival of most of those booked in.

The fly-in was aimed at publicising continuing operations from RAF Wyton to local airspace users and a number of pilots from local aerodromes and strips took the opportunity to get RAF Wyton in their logbooks. These included visiting aircraft from Chatteris, Fenland, Duxford, Spanhoe and Little Gransden.  In addition there were visitors from other ‘RAF Flying Clubs Association’ clubs including RAF Cosford, RAF Halton, RAF Waddington, RAF Barkston Heath and the Lyneham Flying Club now based at Kemble.

There were 2 competitions held as part of the Fly-in: a timed arrival and a precision spot landing. The timed arrival, involving trying to touch down at RAF Wyton, exactly to the second on the time declared before departing home field, was won by David Ellis in Robin 200 registered GBXVK from Duxford who landed 4 seconds earlier than his declared time. The precision landing was won by Geoffrey Coan in his Pegasus Quantum Flexwing Microlight from Sandy. He touched down less than 2m from a chalk line marked on the runway that was quite difficult to see!

However, the weather struck again preventing over 20 of the 44 aircraft booked for the Fly-in reaching RAF Wyton. The deteriorating weather lead to most of the visitors making hurried departures by mid afternoon but not before the Fly-in Project Officer Paul Bullen and Club OiC Wg Cdr Andy March presented the prizes and thanked the pilots, crews and many Club Members who had supported the event.  Wisely, the pilots and crews of the 2 Tiger Moths and the CTLS chose to remain overnight and were put up by Club Members. All 3 aircraft made it safely home the following day to conclude a successful fly-in toRAF Wyton.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Pathfinder Flying Club please get in touch on 01480 452451 x8733.