Update From The Youth Club – Gauntlet Auto Project

During February Half term the Airplay Youth team at RAF Wyton took a group of young people to Gauntlet Auto Project, a registered charity run by volunteers and young people that supports young people in the local area.      

I am a huge advocate of offering activities to young people that are in the local area so they may be able to undertake them in their own time.  When one of the members mentioned the facility to their peers they got very excited, it was agreed to add it to their term programme plan.

Riding motorbikes and quad bikes sounds like a lot of fun, however, when the day arrived there was a little trepidation and a few tears. The young people and staff supported each other alike, encouraging and enabling all the young people to conquer their fears.

Soon the tears were ones of joy as the young people rode their machines with confidence with their newly learnt skills. The young people’s evaluations detail fear, determination and enjoyment with all participants wanting to return to do more; a journey which shows that with the right skills and support anyone can overcome their fears and have fun.