Wyton Personnel Go Back To School

Tuesday 14th January saw a number of personnel from RAF Wyton go back to school when the Station was invited to attend an “aspirational” day at Hinchingbrooke School designed to help students consider future careers.

The school’s idea was to provide interactive, practical and exciting insights into the world of work in a range of industries and careers and who better than the military to rise to the challenge!

A total of ten personnel from JFIG based at RAF Wyton and three from the RAF Regional Outreach Team based at RAF Wittering attended the day providing two different challenges; one physical and one mental. Several other public and private organisations also took part in the careers day but the Armed Forces proved to be a popular choice with over 200 pupils putting their names down to take part in one of the two experiences.

To start, Lt Col Vicky Roberts from JFIG gave an overview of the large number of careers available to both men and women in the armed forces and also talked about some of the work undertaken by JFIG at Wyton. A member of each of the services spoke for a few minutes about the opportunities and challenges they had faced throughout their careers and then it was on to the activities.

Sgt Stu Turner, RAF Wyton’s SNCO PEd Flt is himself a former pupil of Hinchingbrooke School and was keen to be involved in the day. Alongside two Army and RAF colleagues he ran a session for the students to learn about how service personnel live in austere conditions, from setting up a basic sleeping area to cooking themselves rations. Following that the students were taken on a team building exercise where they had to carry a stretcher and a number of water jerry cans around the adjacent country park while doing various physical exercises. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves as when they returned they were all covered in mud! Sgt Turner  said, “It was great coming back to Hinchingbrooke School after so many years. I enjoyed sharing my experiences with the students and it seems that everybody involved has had a fantastic time.”

Those personnel not involved in the physical challenge provided a planning exercise. The students were split into groups and assigned two servicemen to take them through the session. Each group had the same situation to plan a solution for and all the groups came up with slightly different ways of doing things. This really brought home to the students that there is usually more than one way to tackle a problem and that everybody thinks slightly differently. All the students and staff enjoyed the experience, and the young people went away with plenty to think about.

Lt Col Roberts said, “Today has been a great opportunity to present the diversity of careers available in the Armed Forces to the students, and just as importantly it has provided the students with a chance to try something new and to develop their aspirations for the future, whatever they may be.”