Wyton’s Loss is Magpas’ Gain

Wyton’s Loss is Magpas’ Gain

Medics from RAF Wyton recently visited Magpas to present their highly trained Doctors and Paramedics with some vital kit that can be used to help save lives across the region.

The visit by Cpl Kelley Austin and SAC Charlotte Wood from the Station Medical Centre was the result of a charity event held earlier in the year. The event, ‘Wyton’s Largest Loser’, gave Station personnel an opportunity to get fit, donate money to a great cause, and hopefully shed a few lbs in the process.

Having organised the RAF Wyton charity effort, Cpl Kelley Austin contacted Magpas to find out if there was any equipment they were looking to buy in the near future. With the Air Ambulance charity in the process of replacing some compact suction units, used at the scene of medical emergencies, Kelley was able to intervene and make a charity donation equivalent to the cost of two new units.

Antonia Brickell, Head of Magpas Communications, said, “We are extremely grateful to the team at RAF Wyton who have generously raised funds to buy these two suction units. Thanks to this newly acquired kit, our specialist doctors and paramedics can help make a big difference to seriously ill or injured patients at the scenes of medical emergencies, who are suffering from breathing difficulties. Magpas relies purely on public  donations and it is support like this that helps us continue to provide lifesaving care by land and air, 24/7.”

Weighing in at only one and a half kilograms, and measuring less than a foot long in length and eight centimetres wide, the two Laerdal Compact Suction Units (LCSU4) are powerful and reliable. Combining rugged design with lightweight portability, they are an essential tool for every emergency first responder.

Magpas Doctor, Andrew Lindsay, and Magpas Paramedic, Kieran Bromley were on hand at the Magpas Air Ambulance Operations Base to receive the new equipment. Andrew, who is training to become a consultant pre hospital emergency medical practitioner, said: “Our job is to deliver ‘time critical medical intervention’ at the scene of medical emergencies, and the addition of the new compact suction units will make it even easier to treat patients.”

Andrew added: “Magpas often deal with patients who have been involved in road accidents or who have suffered cardiac arrest. Clearing the airway of a person who has suffered a life threatening trauma is of paramount importance, and portable suction units allow us to effectively clear a variety of fluid based obstructions.”

Before the RAF Medics departed the Magpas air ambulance operation base, Andrew Lindsay found time to show SAC Charlotte Wood how easy it is to use the new LCSU4 Compact Suction Unit, demonstrating how it worked using a high tech simulation manikin, which is used for training purposes. Charlotte, who hasn’t ruled out becoming a paramedic in the future, said: “I’ve had experience of shadowing an RAF Paramedic in the past, so I know just how important this equipment is to an emergency first responder.”

Cpl Kelley Austin knows from a military perspective how essential it is to have the right equipment available at the right time. She said: “In 2010 my brother-in-law lost a leg while on duty in Afghanistan. Had it not been for the heroics of the UK’s Medical Emergency Response Team, and the medical equipment they had to hand, he would have most likely died. Use of equipment like the compact suction units we’ve donated to Magpas can quite literally be the difference between life and death.”

Kelley added: “Wyton’s Largest Loser was a great success, and I would like to thank, not only SSgt Karl Ansell (Chef), Cpl Andy Morris (PTI), and Charlotte Wood for their help in running the 12-week event, but also the  Station Charities Fund which matched the sum of money raised, allowing us to make this generous donation. Of course, Wyton’s Largest Loser would not have been possible without those Station personnel who participated in the event, so it is rather fitting that their loss is Magpas’ gain.”

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